InDemand Director is designed to give the "Performer" / "Artist" another scoure of revenue stream by repackaging the concert performance they own. Many fans are not "concert-goers" or physically or geographically unable to attend the scheduled concert in their region. To satisfy these fans, InDemand Director puts them at the concert and let's them interact with the live or taped performances. They become the Director! They feel like a "Real Fan". The "Artist" controls the access.
It’s a Multi-tasking Evolution

With InDemand Director,

  • The user can watch an entire LIVE or Taped show,
  • Watch every camera angle in the venue,
  • Watch on their choice of device, ie. computer or ipad.
  • Reaches Fans in remote areas away from the city venues.
  • Enjoy a “buffer-free zone” by viewing multiple uninterrupted content streams.


  • Listen to the Show Director at the venue,
  • Watch the Show Director or
  • Become the InDemand Director.
  • And browse the web, prepare content, insert, add graphics and cut a video to be shared with friends. ~~ All within the user guidelines.~~
  • Buy merchandise.
  • Interact with friends all over the world through live video chat, screen sharing, and messaging.
  • Share the “InDemand Director’s Cut” (limited length) on their social networks with one click.

InDemand Director would be built for the current social media enthusiasts and future generations of media junkies.

  • Accommodate the "Fans" viewing habits.
  • Establish a creative environment.
  • Offer tools the user needs to create, impress, exhibit, learn and share.
  • Custom Backplates for viewing screen.

In today’s world … it’s all about media, graphic design, video editing, the Go-Pro sensation, personal YouTube Channel, extreme Video Games and the social media self-satisfaction outlets.

  • Everyone is using video images to satisfy their needs … mainly their internal needs. Share this, post that, link here, follow me, … Like it !, Like it again! …everyone is screaming for attention.
  • On the other end … people are trolling for information, looking for gossip, looking at where their social media friends are going and where they’ve been.


InDemand Director employs voice recognition and user-friendly swiping, as well as expandable and shrinkable screens to allow users to create, personalized and share their multimedia world while enjoying the social media experience.

  • Whether it is commenting on the show
  • discussing the band,
  • A “Shout-Out” to a friend (lower third graphic) “Happy Birthday Jenna”
  • Isolating a camera and message other niche fans worldwide
  • Video chat and share your screens
  • Breaking down the highlights of a LIVE event.
  • Toss in lyrics in a lower third scroll.

Selfeo App

  • transforms a single screen into a customized, multi-screen viewing environment with a simple, one-click option that will allow users to immerse themselves into any live or stored internet video content.

About is not just a tourism website. It is a collection of scripted "social” media highlights that showcases the "Vistor's Experience" in New York City. The elements of the show are intertwined with a variety of NYC moments, surprising interaction while different characters visit MSG venues and other NYC landmarks.

Each character will have a NY story to tell when they leave … the producers at will write that story for them, direct them in a controlled environment, insert cast-members and capture their experience so viewers can enjoy their moments and plan their visit with the help of

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57 million visitors are expected in NYC during 2018, all searching for information, direction and advice. can satisfy all three needs.  We follow, track, point and inform our visitors in order to increase your business profits, attendance and fan engagement.

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Product Placement, Mobile Popup Ads, Stealth Marketing, Text Ad Reminders, View Throughs, Scripted Dialogue, GPS Notifications with App Tracking, Interactivity, Social Media Advertising, Media Insertion and Fan Engagement.

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Display ads ~ with revolving banner ads will be "eye-catching" and seen continuously where nycHighlight videos appear, reinforcing your product or place. Targeting specific viewers to meet their desired travel interests.

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Each nycHighlight is roughly a 30 second infomercial or a 15-30 minute scripted episode for your business or event. Your location or product is written into the script. Quick, trending, stylish, shareable, upfront videos are available 24/7 for a potential ad audience in the tens of millions.