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Episode #418 - Father and Daughter at Yankee Game

"A Highlight For Hailey"

Neil and Hailey Potter are baseball fans who would like to come to New York City and attend a Yankee game.  It's Hailey's 10th birthday and Hailey has a wish, a homerun ball. Neil represents most Dads in America.  He wants to give his daugther every opportunity to be happy. Hailey's Dad wants Hailey to catch a birthday gift ... a homerun ball; but homeruns are unpredictable.

After some research online Neil comes across a website titled.  After making contact, the Potters are invited to New York City and nycHighlights will assist Hailey with catching her birthday gift. nycHighlights contacts a homerun ball catching expert, secures tickets in a prime stadium location, buys other seats surrounding Hailey for castmembers to ensure success. Yankee star, Aarron Judge is enlisted to add value to Hailey's birthday wish. Cameras follow the two visiting baseball fans from arrival to departure. See "Script" for more details.




Episode #417 Joe and Katie (Ireland)

  1. The hired camera crew is actually the nycHighlights team shooting more than their marathon run. Producers will create a running love story.
  2. The camera crew follows the couple during their preparation, the Pennsy Pasta Party (a pre-race dinner), marathon, recovery and celebration of running the World's Biggest and Best Marathon. A Comic at the Pennsy Comedy Hour is on stage and jokes about running a marathon, being physically fit and religion.
  3. A 20-something couple from Ireland head to NYC to compete in the NYC Marathon. One is Catholic and one is Protestant. This unorthodox Irish relationship is touched on, in the script. Both are in love with their families back home in semi-turmoil. Joe proposes to Katie at the finish line. Joe signs up for camera coverage to document their race and his proposal.

The comic's joke  (on Pennsy's Stage)

I'm gonna jump In New York City, a man is going to jump off the building.

Up rushes good Irish cop to talk him down.  Cop yells up to the man "Don't jump! Think of your father"

Man replies "Haven't got a father; I'm going to jump."

The cop goes through a list of relatives, mother, brothers, sister, etc. Each time man…

Episode #415 Carly Adams (Oklahoma, USA)

  • An aspiring model travels from Farmland, USA to NYC so she can make her dreams come true in the modeling world. Carly was scouted at a Zac Brown Concert in Tulsa where our cameras first found her. She accepts a talent management invitation to stay at The Loft and signs an on-camera talent contract to audition and document her journey. Producers explain she was part of a new reality series and our camera crew will follow Carly and her girlfriend Jenna from OK to NYC for a girls weekend.
  • Plant: The Carly camera crew is the decoy for others staying at loft to create the reality TV atmosphere. The will make other guests comfortable with a camera crew in the loft space.
  •  NYC Highlights: The weekend turns into a week. Carly’s fashion model audition experience is highlighted. The show is a season series starting from Oklahoma after taking "an offer she couldn’t refuse. Also, her grungy travel companion, Jenna gets a make-over and also gets a chance to model; sort of a “diamond in the rough”.

* A story with a twist: Run-a-way loses a family, finds a family ... "The Show" staff & crew.

  • A 18 year old leaves home after high school.  She leaves a difficult family situation. One day, Roxanne unknowingly meets a show producer briefly in a diner. While shooting a nycHighlight episode, the Producer, in the video control room, spots the same girl, Roxanne, on the street. The Director instructs the street camera op (with hidden Go Pro) to follow her through the streets to a homeless shelter, once there she finds a bed in an open room ... and then the uncomfortable situation escalates in to dangerous encounter.
  • The Producer has enough of Roxanne's real life drama and has the camera op make contact with her. They give her a temporary stay at The Loft until she settles herself in NYC. Lost in life, she finds support from the Pennsy Bar Staff.
  • The Producer sees the hardship and the opportunity to document a real American / NY story, the producer follows Roxanne on her "not so good but real" NYC journey. After watching her story unfold in the video control room, over time, the entire Pennsy Staff offers Roxanne guidance, support, a job and ultimately a new…
Episode #414 Mark & Chrissy (Japan)

  • Brother & Sister team up for a shopping excursion in NYC. Contacted a travel consultant on and they were directed to The Loft booking website. Chrissy instantly likes the interior design and feel of the loft and books their stay. Mark, a Metrosexual, has more fashion opinions than the average stylist. The two will take the "NYC Fashion World by storm" and create their "shareable video"
  • Plant: The Pennsy Pub: Bartender Gonzo has a sister who is a fashion buyer for a major brand. They connect. Mark & Chrissy will model different 'in style" wardrobes as they highlight a few of the NYC fashion designers.
  • NYC Highlights: A City taxi / Uber ride will be pre-planned. Producer arraigns fashion excursions and from the control room Director sets up the bar conversation that sets up the meeting with Gonzo’s “sister”. A Comedian is on stage at The Pennsy Pub and does a “set” focusing on the city fashion and fashion police type humor.  
Episode #412 Pete & Elyse (Syracuse, NY)

  • These two young Syracuse University graduates are travelling to NYC in a customized van; They both have interviews for different jobs in NYC, later in the Summer. One of their college professors happens to be a College Scout for and recommended we follow this interesting couple. Top requests: complete their job interviews, get inconspicuous tattoos in The East Village and experience the NY vibe. 
  • They customized a Sprinter van to travel around New York State before they head to Manhattan to begin their life's next chapter. They start at the NYS Fair.
  • They will meet various people at different places in upstate New York while traveling through, some are cast-members. Some "plants" wills be surfers in Rockaway Beach, a NYC human resource expert they meet - gives them both advice, the tattoo artist, the parking attendent just to name a few.
  • Producers conceal hidden cameras in their van and capture their in-car conversations and thoughts; same with loft room and tattoo parlor; the crew follows both discussing their interviews with HR coach, their job interviews; and their post interview. Cameras record everything including meeting college scout, the interview,…
Episode #410 Khrys (New Zealand)

* A young man traveling to the U.S.A. for the first time; his post college “walk-about”. After visiting two friends in Los Angeles, CA, Khrys (center in photo) unknowingly meets our LA scout and is directed to The Loft, NYC.

* Hidden cameras capture his meeting with LA scout, his journey to NY and to the Loft. Tops 2 wishes: Visit NYC hotspots; baseball game and play rugby and enjoy the company of a NY rugby club while in NYC.

* NYC Highlights: producers assign him castmember “Mike", also a rugby player to accompany Khrys around town. Crew follows Khrys and Mike enjoying the NYC nightlife; Mike instigates conversations with Khyrs to get impression of NYC and the USA as a Kiwi travelling through the “States”. Highlights of a rugby game, baseball game and arrival of two other friends traveling from New Zealand to enjoy the city life, as well.


Episode #406 Billy & Jane (Ohio, USA)

  • A young couple visiting NYC for the first time. Top 2 wishes: Looking to catch a few Broadway shows, walk through central park. Viewers get to see & hear the mid-western opinions and reactions on New York City.
  • Budget is tight and they’re searching for an economical "AirBNB type" place to stay. They stumble upon the The Loft booking site. Billy & Jane were selected to get two tickets to Broadway’s Hamilton after filling out an online questionnaire on  In exchange for the tickets, the couple agrees to a camera crew following the night out.
  • NYC Highlights: crew will follow Billy & Jane, before, during and after the Broadway and will shoot highlights of Hamilton, the play. Backstage passes have been secured to enhance the NYC experience. #2 Billy & Jane walk through a forest type setting, climb rocks, and stroll along a stream, all in Central Park. They exit the New York City forest and head to their front row seats at a Summer Concert in Central Park.
  • nycHighlights will show the beauty of Central Park and the excitement of the NYC music scene, starting in Central Park.

About is not just a tourism website. It is a collection of scripted "social” media highlights that showcases the "Vistor's Experience" in New York City. The elements of the show are intertwined with a variety of NYC moments, surprising interaction while different characters visit MSG venues and other NYC landmarks.

Each character will have a NY story to tell when they leave … the producers at will write that story for them, direct them in a controlled environment, insert cast-members and capture their experience so viewers can enjoy their moments and plan their visit with the help of

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