• nycHighlights.com has never been done before. The concept involves inserting castmembers into a live action backdrop and predicting the outcome; in some cases, shooting the show before the script.  Writing the script based on what was "shot"; Let the viewers decide on the actor movements through social media; Develop a informational portal that directs and tracks the next NYC visitor. Create a new platform for advertisers and sponsors to reach their target audience. 
  • nycHighlights.com has two media formats (1) a short quick highlight (roughly 30 - 120 seconds) of a scripted show; these highlights are essentially a trailer for the episode and sharable on social media; these highlights will be available on the nycHighlights.com website in various categories. There is an option to link to the full episodes ... (2) the episodes are full length scripted show (20-30 minutes) that are available in a library streaming service (original series) such as MSGnetworks, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Instant and Vimeo.
  • nycHighlights.com is a "driver" for New York State (NYS) Tourism. As the "driver", nycHighlights takes potential tourists and viewers for the proverbial drive to various NYS destinations. "THE SHOW" uses the destinations in each nycHighlight as the "backdrop" for a series of compelling episodes showcasing the best of what New York State has to offer.
  • "THE SHOW" is set New York State, with a emphasis on NYC, featuring various locations. The locations are specific to the script. The script highlights landmarks, sporting events, popular events, state wide attractions, city happenings, upstate adventures and general NYC hot spots. These locations are considered "uncontrolled environments" and are shot without interruption at choice venues with specific characters. The script would be minimal during an event. LIVE entertainment and "the NY experiences" are captured throughout the city and state.
  • The images of our "controlled environment" designs are included on the "set design" page. These locations include - The Loft Space(s), the "Pennsy Bar and Restaurant" at MSG, the "Video Control Room" & show’s office and production.
  • The set design was designed to provide cameras and points of view that would echo the "Big Brother / The Truman Show" look and feel. Hidden cameras, secret passageways, one-way mirrors, choreographed actors, central audio positions, a control room perspective - all locations create environments conducive to the concept. Every set would establish both a "gathering place" and a "revolving door" environment which will allow the script department's imagination to work and suggest a large selection of storylines to produce.
  • The scripts are written specific to the storyline. All of the "tourist" characters are actors, nicknamed, "Trumans". The "Cast" characters are actors with various names, titles and purpose. The script highlights the NYC adventure of each "Truman" and shows the behind the scenes action of our "cast" interacting with the "Trumans". The scripts provide a unique storyline that enhances the "Trumans" travel experience while showcasing advertisers, location, sponsors and brands. These marketing techniques will reach the target audience through social media and streaming technologies.
  • Another factor which will affect script and storyline will be interactivity. The Viewer, from their computer, iPad or smartphone can ultimately determine the direction the "Trumans" go as the adventure or series storyline continues. Using their smart device, the Viewers can suggest locations, events and even influence script dialogue.  The audience suggestion will be viewed through social media in the Video Control Room and the Director will implement the script changes. Connecting with the target audience is an important element to the show.
  • The target audience are the young Millennials, who will be travelling to New York looking for their next life chapter to begin. Other demographics will be considered if the audience demands it. The NY experience is only something they've seen in You Tube videos, Netflix movies or Reality TV. The show's concept combines all three media types and creates a show that entertains, informs and sells. 
  • The format for each "nycHighlight" will be quick, captivating and shareable. Great events, innovative editing techniques, marketing insertion and "social media ready" highlights will be formatted to each 30-45 second video. These "highlight" videos become "trailers" or promotional spot for each episode with the option of watching the entire episode. The 15min-45min episodes will also be posted on the nycHighlights.com website and can be searched and readily available 24/7/365. Video placement on each web page would be selective based on sponsorship, trending topics and brand promotions. Ultimately, we want to reach a wider audience for brand building, product marketing, and to attract customers through social networking.
  • The sponsor and brand promotions allow the script and Cast to offer tickets to shows, entrance to popular venues and access to VIP areas for the "Trumans" which would be difficult to get on their own. These NY fantasy opportunities, provided by the Producers and given away by the Cast, are important to each storyline.
  • The Cast ... is a very important part of the entire show. Based on script, our "Cast" points, directs, encourages, and informs the "Trumans" to a specific location and products. These actors create an seemingly orchestrated environment and proves Big Brother is watching (in a good way), as the Cast helps the “Trumans” navigate through New York.

“Everything is not what it seems, except to the viewer.”

About nycHighlights.com

nycHighlights.com is not just a tourism website. It is a collection of scripted "social” media highlights that showcases the "Vistor's Experience" in New York City. The elements of the show are intertwined with a variety of NYC moments, surprising interaction while different characters visit MSG venues and other NYC landmarks.

Each character will have a NY story to tell when they leave … the producers at nycHighlights.com will write that story for them, direct them in a controlled environment, insert cast-members and capture their experience so viewers can enjoy their moments and plan their visit with the help of nycHighlights.com

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57 million visitors are expected in NYC during 2018, all searching for information, direction and advice. nycHighlights.com can satisfy all three needs.  We follow, track, point and inform our visitors in order to increase your business profits, attendance and fan engagement.

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Product Placement, Mobile Popup Ads, Stealth Marketing, Text Ad Reminders, View Throughs, Scripted Dialogue, GPS Notifications with App Tracking, Interactivity, Social Media Advertising, Media Insertion and Fan Engagement.

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Display ads ~ with revolving banner ads will be "eye-catching" and seen continuously where nycHighlight videos appear, reinforcing your product or place. Targeting specific viewers to meet their desired travel interests.

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Each nycHighlight is roughly a 30 second infomercial or a 15-30 minute scripted episode for your business or event. Your location or product is written into the script. Quick, trending, stylish, shareable, upfront videos are available 24/7 for a potential ad audience in the tens of millions.